best newborn baby photographer in buffalo ny wine theme

best newborn baby photographer in buffalo ny wine theme

Wine and newborns. Who would have thought it paired so well for a photo! When you are the baby and heir to the Salvatore's Italian Gardens Empire in Buffalo, anything goes!

Mom and dad brought in all these accessories for baby Henry's newborn session at Neal Urban Studio. Hundreds of corks, wine boxes, carboys, and wine bottles! We love wine, so this was right up our alley!

After a rocky start with some potty accidents on dad, Henry was sleeping like a baby (no pun intended). We had one idea in mind before the session. Both parents enjoyed golfing, so we wanted to incorporate that style for the baby. Then they walk in with all this wine stuff! We were in wine heaven! 

Once Henry was asleep, he was an amazing baby to photograph. It didn't take him too long to sleep either! We do have a newborn assistant we use for sessions. She is one of our wedding photography assistants but works at the hospital with babies! She is wonderful and a baby whisperer! While her and I were wrapping little Henry tight in a blanket, Neal was setting up the scene you see here. We found a low wicker basket to lay the baby in. We do cushion it first. Happy and comfy newborn, means better photos!

If you look close at the image, you will notice the names on the wine boxes. We changed the winery names to Henry and Salvatore. Just a small little added touch to make this image even more personal to the Salvatore family!

Location: 6461 Transit Rd, Depew, NY 14043.