This is a modern living room with armchair. It has Scandinavian interior design furniture. Neal Urban Studios favorite little guy photo works so well here. The large print accompanied by the wooden dark frame, keeps the room simple, yet classy. Pops of color with the addition of plants, flowers, or accent pillows!

Neal Urban Portraits had such a great studio session with this same sex family. One of the dad's was even featured on Oprah! They have four children. Two boys and two girls. They were all fancied up in classic suits and tool dresses. Even though the family session was formal, GQ, Vanity Fare vibe, keeping the children barefoot gave it a youthful look.

People are sometimes very afraid to go big with prints. Everyone thinks an 8x10 will be just fine. Maybe for a desk or combination photo wall. The size of a print really needs to make sense on the wall. If you have a large blank space like this, an 8x10 will not work.

Neal Urban Photography wants to offer a photography experience like no other. Clients are able to send us a photo of the wall they are thinking about placing a print. Neal Urban can do mock ups of images from your photo session, with different size prints and frame styles. You get to see all different options before you make your purchase!

Location: Albany NY.