Engagement Album Display

Engagement Album Display

If you are Jay-Z/Beyonce fans than you know of their "On the Run" tour. Drea and Justin contacted us for an engagement session and they wanted a vibe like the tour video. Neal Urban Portraits was so excited and knew this engagement session was going to be so fun! Drea sent over the outfits they were thinking. Once Danielle Urban saw the lace jumper, she was even more pumped! Next up.. Who had motorcycles. Luckily a friend of Drea and Justin had a bike he was willing to let them use for the session! Amazing! Location was another thing Neal Urban Studio needed to figure out. Neal Urban decided to drive around and scout out some spots. He found this spot about 10 minutes from the studio in Youngstown. I guess living and working in the middle of a farm town had it's advantages for this session. All we needed to do, was pull over on the side of the road!

Day of the engagement session, weather was beautiful and Drea and Justin looked amazing! We were hanging in Neal Urban Studio when we all heard the sound of a bike. Well, when we went outside 3 guys showed up on different motorcycles! How awesome was that! Neal Urban Photography was going to be able to use 3 different looks with these bikes!

Neal Urban Photography had one of the bikers position the bike we wanted to start off with. The windmill had to be in the background and then the open field. There was enough room on the should of the road, that we did not have to worry about cars driving by either. They all beeped and yelled out congratulations! Studio lighting was brought out to create more drama. Posing was a little more serious. Drea and Justin kicked butt on their engagement session.

Now to the final product displayed above. An amazing engagement album designed by Neal Urban Collections. Custom box with first initial of last name with a crest. Keeping the colors black and white makes the album very classic and timeless. A fun image of the couple dancing on the back cover was a great way to end the album.

Location: New York City.