Gray and wooden master bedroom

Gray and wooden master bedroom

This is an interior, spacious, master bedroom with dark gray colors and wooden walls. It also has wooden floors and a comfortable king size bed, standing on top of a long area rug. This image created by Neal Urban is perfect for a bedroom print. A boudoir session may not be the first thing you want guests to see when they enter your home or apartment. However, a bedroom or master bathroom would work out great.

Neal Urban Studio had an amazing boudoir session with this client. She was so fun and really into creating some artistic style photos. Posing came very natural to her. A lot of people mistake boudoir sessions for a proactive or "dirty" kind of photo session. It is completely the opposite. You do not need to have revealing clothing or nothing at all. It's all about being comfortable with your own body. Lighting plays a huge part as well in the studio!

Neal Urban Photography makes boudoir sessions so much fun. We can pump up your favorite music, pour you a glass of bubbly (if you would like). Neal Urban will do the poses for you! That always gets a great reaction. Danielle Urban helps with posing, outfits, and little details.

Finished product could be something like the black and white image here. Look at the leading lines in the floor. They almost look like arrows pointing to the portrait. Then look at the portrait and you can see that same arrow look with the pushed back curtains. So many other details to look at besides just the body. Keeping the image printed in black and white also creates a little more drama and blends it into the room a bit more!

Location: Manhattan NY.