Maternity Photo Box

Maternity Photo Box

Neal Urban Studio will continue to talk about how much we love final products. Stop thinking about digital files and start thinking about beautiful prints or albums to display in your home. People love interaction, not just looking at a screen!

Holly and Shaun were expecting their fourth child and wanted a bright and airy beach maternity session by Neal Urban Photography! The perfect location in Western NY was Woodlawn Beach State Park. But, it would have to be at sunrise. Everybody up and at em for a 6:00 am start time! It was so worth it. The colors in the sky were amazing! Pinks, purples, blues!

This maternity session was perfect for a custom photo box. A photo box is exactly that. A box filled with loose matted prints! Neal Urban Studio loves these. You are able to leave them in the box as shown above.They are great to display on a coffee table or desk. You can also pop them in frames and hang them on the walls. They come in popular frame sizes of 8x10 or 11x14. Or you can even give some of the prints away as gifts! The clients are able to select the color and fabric for the box as well! Linens work out so good for these!

This photo box is similar in color to the sofa! The colors in the prints pop up in the pillows as well as the flowers on the table! These are just another fun idea from Neal Urban Photography to display our beautiful images and add some extra decor to the interior of your home!

Location: Williamsville NY.