Clean bedroom interior with poster

Clean bedroom interior with poster

This room is a clean bedroom interior with wooden bed, blank poster and spotlight. Perfect for this image with Paul and pup Marcus! It looks like a condo or apartment in New York City or Los Angelos. The perfect image to display in the bedroom of a bachelor pad!

Neal Urban Photography could do a few different things with this particular print. The idea for this look is a metal print without a frame. If you are not into a metal style, a wrapped canvas could also work. In this style room, a frame really is not needed. It's a bit more manly without!

This image was taken at Neal Urban Studio, when we were located in downtown Buffalo. Our studio was inside of the TriMain Center on Main Street. It is still a favorite image in the Neal Urban Collection.

The great thing about photos, are we always have them! Seeing that this image was taken so long ago (currently about 6-7 years ago), we can still use it for inspiration. We can show potential clients our style of portraits, even with their pups! If you want a GQ style portrait session, this is a great photo to show. Especially to the guys who really do not want to have their photos done. Look at how cool Neal Urban can make you look! Then display it in your home!

Location: NY NY.