Studio Portrait of a High School Senior

Studio Portrait of a High School Senior

High School Senior portraits are no longer just about the yearbook photo. That is usually done through the school and that's about it. Now parents, and their seniors want more. They want drama, more portraits, and photos that showcase their graduating seniors interests and hobbies.

Neal Urban Studio had such a great session with this handsome guy graduating from Niagara Wheatfield High School. He brought his two Great Danes. It was so much fun! This senior trained and is the alpha for the pups too, so he had control during the entire session. Funny story, to get the Danes attention, they loved string cheese! So does Neal Urban Portraits!

Studio lighting was so important for this senior portrait session. Mom wanted some dramatic images, and that is exactly what Neal Urban created for her. Neal Urban Photography is really good at using external lighting. Over the years, (about 14 years in the business), photography has changed. Living in Western NY has its challenges. The weather is so unpredictable, so you can't always rely on natural light or outdoor sessions. Neal Urban Portraits has greatly excelled in the use of external lighting. Learning to use different kinds of flashes and other lighting has made Neal Urban Studio sessions even better.

Neal Urban Photography also took this Niagara Wheatfield senior outdoors for the last part of the session. Yes, the external lighting was also brought. There was an amazing sunset and a great way to add more drama and fun, is the use of lighting!

This graduating seniors, photo album turned out so good from Neal Urban Collections. These are the final products. Not the digital image to post once online and forget about. Display these amazing photos in your home!

Location: Williamsville NY.