All American Senior Swimmer Portrait

All American Senior Swimmer Portrait

This is a favorite high school senior portrait done at Neal Urban Portrait Studio. Swimming was a passion for this senior and we wanted to incorporate some details to showcase that, but in a really cool way. When going through our props at Neal Urban Photography, we remember we had a giant American flag. We knew we wanted to use it in some way for this high school session.

Once we saw the formal suit, we were onto this idea. We kept the lighting on the darker side so the American flag was not as vibrant in the back. As Neal Urban was taking the photos, we knew we could do better and something was missing. The swimming goggles! They would help us incorporate the swimming aspect for this part of the photo session.

Lighting is a huge factor in photo sessions with Neal Urban Studio, either in studio, or outdoors. Creating some shadows can add drama to a photo. Neal Urban Photography tries to get everything perfect in camera. A lot of people think we use a lot of photoshop. We do not. Neal Urban Photography loves the challenge of getting the shot right out of camera.

Senior portrait sessions can bring out so much personality in a student. Neal Urban Portraits wants to help do just that!

Location: Buffalo NY.