Senior Portrait at Alright Knox Art Gallery

Senior Portrait at Alright Knox Art Gallery

This high school senior session was so much fun. We met Devan while working at Brookfield Country Club for a wedding. She was interested in photography and asked if we were taking on interns. We decided to bring her on for the rest of the wedding season and see how she did. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we had to throw Devan right into her first wedding as a second shooter with Neal. She did amazing and from then on was given a lot more responsibility than she thought at first.

So, it was our pleasure when she asked us if we could photograph her senior portraits! We learned that besides a passion for photography, she was also a dancer. She asked us our opinion on a location and we thought Albright Knox Art Gallery and Delaware Park would be perfect. We wanted to showcase her dancing using the Gallery architecture. Then we went into the Park for more causal photos.

We knew we wanted to capture Devan in motion for her dancing. We brought some of our long sheers to show more movement. We had her do some twirls and really extend her arms to get those sheers to flow. Not to mention it was pretty cold this day and she was only wearing a dance leo. We tried to work as fast as possible for her. She did amazing! She nailed this pose and stayed centered between all the columns at Albright.

We moved into Delaware Park after this image and did an outfit change. We got some really fun and playful images! We do not photograph high school seniors often, but when we do, we love to capture the true personality of the kids!

Location: 1285 Elmwood Ave Buffalo, NY 14222.