High School Swimmer Dramatic Photo Session

High School Swimmer Dramatic Photo Session

Can you say Olympic swimmer to be for this high school graduate! This was a last minute idea the morning this senior came to Neal Urban Portrait studio for his session. The weather was gloomy and some of our original plans fell through. Here at Neal Urban Photography, we always have to be quick thinking and adapt to challenges. Good thing mom wanted dramatic senior portraits. We started the photo session with formal attire and then added in the North Tonawanda High School memorabilia. We had varsity sports jackets and other high school related items.

Then we decided to get a little more dramatic. This senior was an avid swimmer. We wanted to create an image like no other. We headed outside and told the graduate we were going to spray him in the back with a hose. After setting up lighting behind him, the hose went on and we got this crazy dramatic effect. Paired with the swim cap and goggles, this image screams future olympian.

This image is very similar to another we did of this senior. It is on the website and has the same story. The huge difference is the steam coming off of him. It was pretty cold outside and getting sprayed by water wasn't the most pleasant for this high school swimmer. But, the effect of the water, cold temperature, and body heat created this awesome effect!

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Location: Youngstown NY.