Soprano inspired family portraits

Soprano inspired family portraits

A mob style kind of family portrait session based on the hit TV series the Sopranos. When this family contacted Neal Urban Studio, we were so excited for this idea and to start planning. Gone were the bright and colorful back drops and smiles. This session was to be serious, dark, and in a run down location.

The family tossed out the idea of the old Summit Park mall for a location. Neal Urban Portraits took a ride to scout it out! It was going to work out great! Neal Urban loves when the clients get involved and excited to be a part of the planning.

Another bonus was the family was going to bring their old black Cadillac. It was so cool. A gorgeous red interior as well! The main goal of the family session was a group portrait of everyone. The family wanted to hang a large portrait in their home. Neal Urban concentrated on that first. Then we broke down to smaller groups of the families/kids and solos. It was so cold out this day. It was nice that everyone were adults and they could move quickly and nail their poses. Then get back into their warm cars!

After the images were complete, the family selected the photo they wanted for the big print. The wall print was going to be 6 foot long. Neal Urban Photography had to assemble the mounting system at the families home it was so large. We helped them to hang it as well. The family also decided on a custom photo box designed by Neal Urban Portraits. It held some of the other combinations of family and solos. A great thing about photo boxes are they contain loose matted prints. So each subfamily could select the images they wanted and take those prints!

Location: Watertown NY.