neal urban wedding photography reviews rapids theatre

neal urban wedding photography reviews rapids theatre

Neal and Danielle Urban love to receive thank you cards in the mail. Especially, when a photo we have taken is on the card.

We have so many brides and grooms who ask for us to do a specific image for their thank you. Erin and dan had brought this umbrella that said thank you. They brought it with them in the limo and said whenever we thought it would look good, to take it out.

We went to Old Fort Niagara in Youngstown for the idle (wedding photo session). We did photos with the wedding party around the entrance to the Fort. Then we went further inside with just the bride and groom. The Fort was still open to the public, so we had to respect the other patrons.

We thought this would be a great setting for the thank you card. We had one of the stone buildings in the back ground. I love that pile of wood on the side. And the bars on the windows! We had the bride and groom hold the umbrella just below their faces. And then look at each other. It was great for the card!

The wedding reception was at the Rapids Theatre in Niagara Falls. They had a huge dance party! It was crazy. The DJ played past midnight. We got some amazing dance party images! Erin also changed into a second wedding dress. Her long dress transformed into a short cocktail style wedding dress!

Location: 1 Scott Ave Youngstown, NY 14174 United States.