neal urban wedding photography reviews basilica park cc

neal urban wedding photography reviews basilica park cc

Tiffany and Colin were an amazing couple! They had the best personalities. They were so outgoing too.

Their ceremony was at Our Lady of Victory Basilica in Lackawanna, NY. This church is beautiful. It is said to rival the churches in Italy. We love working in this church. There is no way to take a bad photo.

Everyone always uses the front of the church to do photos. This is the back near the parking lot. When were walking into the basilica, I said I wanted to do a shot using this part. We needed to spice things up and get something different.

We asked the bride and groom to come back there with us really quick before getting onto the limo. Then we decided to have some fun with Tiffany's veil. She had a cathedral length veil. We love those. It was Neal's turn to create some veil action. We did not have any wind, so he threw it up in the air. As it started to fall, I took the photos. 

This was our favorite and best veil toss! I just really liked the different angle. You can see the bride and groom ended up using it for their thank you card! It was awesome!

Location: 767 Ridge Rd, Buffalo, NY 14218.