neal urban photography reviews buffalo ny statler city

neal urban photography reviews buffalo ny statler city

Nina and Greg had such a beautiful wedding at the Statler in downtown Buffalo. The weather was not so great for their wedding day in November of 2016. It was super windy and rainy. We started to do some photos at City Hall, but the bride and groom decided we should head to the Statler to get indoors and finish the photos.

We loved the idea, as we do not always get to take advantage of the Statler once the reception starts, especially if there is more than one wedding going on. Nina and Greg actually booked both rooms in the Statler, so no other weddings would be there. It was a huge bonus for us!

We got so many amazing images! They picked some great ones for their thank you card. They picked a few from their ceremony. The first kiss is always a great image to put on a thank you. 

We love they picked the image you see on the right. That was taken in their main ballroom where the actual reception was to take place. Nina and Greg wanted to see the room before any guests were allowed in. Neal and I were taking detail photos in the room, when the bride and groom walked in. Neal had a great idea! We never really get to take images with just the bride and groom alone in the reception room. The room looked absolutely amazing. So, Neal asked them if we could do a quick photo. He had them face each other and Greg pulled his wife in super close. We wanted it to be very intimate and romantic. Neal posed them with the head  table in the back too. You can see part of it up on the stage. In the actual full image, there is a chandelier over the bride and groom. To fit the thank you it had to be cropped out. But the image still looks beautiful!

Location: 107 Delaware Ave. Buffalo, NY 14202 United States.