neal urban photography review grain elevator buffalo ny

neal urban photography review grain elevator buffalo ny

The grain elevators in downtown Buffalo are a great location for photos. Too bad they really do not allow photographs anymore. Most of them are abandoned and boarded up.

Natalie and Joe's wedding was before any of this happened! Their wedding was at Pearl at the Webb, also in downtown Buffalo.

For photos the bride and groom wanted something very different! They were up for anything, even if it was a challenge. So, we decided to head to the grain elevators. This particular location was right near General Mills. It always smells like Cheerios down there!

Neal took a walk around the area and we decided to work with just Natalie and Joe here. There was too much at risk to have a wedding party that was drinking around there. We did the bridal party photos down by the Outer Harbor.

Neal found an open door to one of the elevators. He popped his head in and said it was going to be awesome. We went in really quick. He already had a shot in mind.

We loved the messiness inside. There were wooden pallets everywhere. Pretty cool. Since Pearl at the Webb had the same vibe with all the old wood and industrial rustic feel, it was perfect!

We did set some extra lighting up inside. It was pretty dark in there, so we wanted to brighten up the back ground. We wanted you to be able to see the depth and height of how big it was in there.

We wanted an intimate pose. But nothing cheesey. We wanted Joe to have a manly look. We had him stand with hand in pocket, and had Natalie look like she was pulling him in for a kiss!

We know this was a favorite of the bride and groom because they sent us a picture of a giant metal print hanging on the wall in their house! It was gorgeous! Well with the risk of sneaking in!

Location: Childs St. Buffalo NY 14203 United States.