buffalo wedding photography reviews st joesphs church

buffalo wedding photography reviews st joesphs church

We love photographing weddings at St. Joseph University in Buffalo. It is so pretty. Jessica and Pete had their ceremony there, then reception at Byblos Niagara Resort and Spa (formerly the Holiday Inn Grand Island). We went for portraits at the Herschell Carousell Museum in North Tonawanda.

But, first we took advantage of this beautiful church for photos. This bride and groom had an amazing connection. Every moment was so intimate, even when their bridal party was around. They were up for anything too! They were super daring. For their engagement session, we did some photos at a basketball court at Delaware Park. Jessica wore a party dress and heels. She let Pete jump over her to slam dunk the basketball! It turned out to be a great image too. It definitely showed the true personalities of this lovely couple.

What to say about this image. The groom picked up his wife and slowly walked her down the church steps. He did this all while kissing her. He actually walked down all of the steps without looking. We were very impressed!

Neal decided to shoot this angle because there were some great fluffy clouds in the sky. He shot from the sidewalk and up to capture the church as well. I love how it looks like the church goes right into the sky!

We loved how the couple used this image for the thank you card. It was the perfect image to shot off their relationship. It was playful and romantic at the same time. Jessica and Pete had such nice things to say about us! We were so honored to be a art of their wedding!