buffalo wedding photography review of neal urban at shea's

buffalo wedding photography review of neal urban at shea's

We love receiving thank you cards from our brides and grooms. We love them even more when they use photos of the wedding we have taken.

Julie and Ben had an amazing wedding! The idle and reception were done at Shea's Performing Arts Center in downtown Buffalo. This is an amazing place for photos and venue.

The reception is held on the stage. It is gorgeous. We can go up on the balconies and get some amazing images!

This image was taken on the upper level, right above the lobby! We love taking the bride and groom up here for picture. We can get all of the chandeliers in the back ground. Julie and Ben said they wanted to do a nice photo for their thank you card. We thought that would be the perfect spot to do it. 

We asked them to stand next to each other and hold hands. They wanted something simple. We had them look at the camera! They look stunning!

They had such wonderful words to say to to us! We can not be happier than when we receive messages like this.  

On the business side, this is another way for people who were at the wedding to see some of our work. If there are any engaged couples or any planning to get engaged, all they would need to do was contact Julie and Ben and get our names! Almost all of our business is through word of mouth and online. We do not advertise or do bridal shows. The bridal shows are tough because we are only a husband and wife team. That means we can only take one date at a time. So, we do not want to waste a bride and grooms time at a show if we are already booked! We would feel terrible!

Location: 646 Main St. Buffalo NY 14202 United States.