buffalo wedding photographer review and thank you card pearl street

buffalo wedding photographer review and thank you card pearl street

Photos that we take for weddings are great for thank you cards. There are hundreds and hundreds of images the couple can chose from. 

Erica and Mark were a great couple to photograph. They were married June 9th, 2012. They had their wedding at Pearl St. Bar and Grill. They are all things Buffalo. They are huge Buffalo Sabre fans, So we started the shoot down by Keybank Arena (when they were married it was HSBC arena). We worked around the Cobblestone area with the wedding party and got some really fun images.

Then we headed to the Erie Basin Marina to get some shots by the water. Just as we were arriving, the sky started to get really dark. We had to move fast. You could tell a storm was moving in. We had some breaks in the clouds and the sun was peaking through. 

Sure enough it started to rain. Erica went to pick up her wedding dress. When she did, we told Mark to pull in his wife for a kiss. As they were separating, Neal was still taking photos. We loved this image even better than the kiss. 

We were so happy to end this part of the photo session with the bride and groom with this picture. The image turned out amazing and we were so happy we didn't pack up right away when it started to rain.

Neal loves the weather and everything it brings. Some of the most stunning and best work has been in the worst weather. It is pretty much the only part of the wedding day that can't be controlled. We have to make the best of it!

This was such a nice Thank you card! And we thank Erica and Mark for having us be a part of their wedding.

Location: 329 Erie St. Buffalo NY 14202 United States.