Matrix Photo

Matrix Photo

Neal Urban Studio had a Matrix style session for shoot. It was a sibling session with 2 boys. They both fit that Neo vibe. Neal Urban Portraits found their outfit idea and sent it over to mom. She loved the idea. The boys were so much fun to work with as well. They were super easy to pose and took direction so well.

Neal Urban Photography was able to play around and experiment with different lighting ideas because the brothers were doing so good. Neal Urban loves when he is able to try out new things. Well after getting the "shot." Ben and Harry were able to smile on que, then be serious the next shot. They even knew how to work their eyes toward the camera. Not so easy for children that age.

Neal Urban Studio did some different poses with both boys. Then did individual portraits of each.

Neal Urban Studio loved this session so much, we are deciding on which image we want to have as a studio sample print!

Location: Buffalo NY.