Maternity Session at Akron Falls

Maternity Session at Akron Falls

We had an amazing maternity session with Gina! She wanted something really different and more high end fashion. That was right up our style! She sent us over some photos of her outfits and we helped to come up with the location. We really wanted this red dress to be very dramatic. We thought Akron Falls Park would be the perfect location. She was coming in from out of town, so we sent over some photos of the park for her. Weather was not 100% on our side for this session. It was supposed to rain all day. We did try and rescheduled, but she was to drive home right after the session.

We told her it was going to be a little of a hike down to the Falls, so we said to make sure she brought some comfy shoes. Gina was such a trooper and was up for anything once we got down there. It was very slippery on the rocks to get to this point. With the help of myself and her husband, we got her safely here. Then we brought over her shoes to change. We tried to keep her stationary so she did not slip, while we set up the lighting.

It was not too easy finding sturdy spots to hold our lights and stands. We had to balance everything in hopes they did not fall into the water. Once we were sure the lighting was perfect, we told Gina how we wanted her to pose. Her dress was really this long too! Neal was down stream a bit and Gina's husband and myself had to get this dress to fly. It was already being weighed down from the rain. And once we threw it up the first time, it did hit the water. We needed to do it a few more times and it just got so heavy. Finally, we got in a groove and got it perfect!

In camera this maternity image was gorgeous! The only post work that really had to be done was to photoshop out myself and Gina's husband. There was no way for us to get out of there quickly enough after throwing up the dress. This was a beautiful maternity session and even though the weather was not too great, we had such a great time and the images turned out stunning, just like this mommy to be!

Location: Buffalo NY.