Jay-Z, Beyonce Style Engagement Session

Jay-Z, Beyonce Style Engagement Session

This engagement session with Drea and Justin was so cool. They wanted something similar to the "On the Run" tour from Jay-Z and Beyonce. Well they knocked it out of the park. With outfits, style, motorcycles, and more. Neal Urban Studio had to do some scouting for the engagement session location. It needed to be remote. Being located in Youngstown NY had it's perks for this session. Neal Urban Portraits was able to find something close by that had windmill, tall grass, and open fields. We only had to pull off to the side of the road.

While Neal Urban was scouting, he came along another road that had all of this farm equipment just laying around. Why not stop for the second part of the engagement session. This time without the motorcycles. No studio lighting. A lot more playful vibe! It was hot and humid the day of the engagement session. Drea and Justin had the black ski masks on and we knew we had to move fast so they weren't baking in them.

Last shot of the session.. Let's flip those masks up! It ended up being a Neal Urban Photography favorite from this session. We love how they are positioned on the giant tractor tires. Who knows what was behind them. It could have been a dumpster, but it looked great in the shot!

This image looked so good in the custom album Neal Urban Photography designed for Drea and Justin. Their series of images tells an amazing story of the engagement session!

Location: Buffalo NY.