interior of modern billiard room

interior of modern billiard room

Look at this amazing billiard room! The best place to hang some large family portraits. Especially portraits of dad and his son. Mom's still in the room if you look down the line, there are two more large prints. Gold frames were a must for this style room. Neal Urban Studio knew these prints needed to be statements. Think about going into a typical man cave. You usually see random posters of bands, celebrities, etc. Why not have them be poster sized prints of your own family! Never need to take them down! Colors in the room are perfect. The gold wrap around the baby is the same color material as mom's dress. It also has a similar color to the wall lighting. Sofa, wooden paneled walls, and small area rug keep this man cave cozy. Pop that green house plane in the corner and it all ties together.

Neal Urban Portraits was so excited when this couple contacted for maternity portraits. They had contacting Neal Urban Weddings to photograph their wedding, but we were already booked. We had hoped we would be able to work with this family at some point in the future.

Neal Urban Portraits photographed the maternity session at Sanger Farms and Fort Niagara State Park in Youngstown, NY. After the baby was born, Neal Urban Studio was going to do a family newborn session. These are not the typical newborn portraits. There are no "sleeping baby images" that you see for most newborn sessions. These are hands on with the parents/family. The focus is on the whole family.

Neal Urban Photography had the idea for very formal portraits. Mom sent over a few dresses she had and we matched some flowing material to her dress. Back in the day, you may notice that people did not smile for photos often. That was the idea Neal Urban had for some of these newborn photos. Yes, we always have smiles and laughs. Some images look better with a semi serious look. It's crazy that the baby ended up with that look as well! It was the perfect image!

Location: Westchester NY.