This a modern living room with red armchair and lamp. It has Scandinavian interior design furniture. Look how fun those hanging lights are. Are those still considered pendant lights? Add in that green house plant for a little more color! Then add this gorgeous metal print done by Neal Urban Studio. This room is dark and those hints of red in the dramatic flowing dress and chair looked so good. We should use the word sexy for this mama to be and the whole style of room with this large metal print.

This maternity image was so much fun to create. At Neal Urban Studio, we love to create drama. Photographing portrait session in studio really lets us control the elements and get things perfect. This maternity dress was screaming drama! With a little help of tossing the dress and a fan, Neal Urban Photography was able to make this dress have a bunch of movement.

Sometimes dramatic images, require not smiling all of the time. We asked mom-to-be to not smile and try and keep still, while we created the movement in the dress. Expecting mom looks like she may take flight. The bold color of the dress worked out amazing.

It was so fun working with this couple. Neal Urban Weddings photographed their wedding a few years back and engagement session. Now time for maternity and family portrait sessions. After this studio maternity portrait session was complete, this amazing family brought home one of our gorgeous custom albums! If a little end table was place in this room, the album would look beautiful displayed on it.

Neal Urban Studio and Portrait Collection offers it all, from start to finish!

Location: Grand Island NY.