Home Family Portrait

Home Family Portrait

This amazing family has come to Neal Urban Studio for many family portrait sessions, as well as maternity and holiday. They recently bought a new home and wanted a session at the house. They have a huge staircase and foyer they wanted to use. The end goal was for a massive wall print to go above their mantle.

Neal Urban Portraits could not wait. The family was going to be in formal attire, as it would really fit the style of their home. The wooden frame would match their hardwood floors and compliment the wrought iron features in their modern style home.

The end result was even better than they hoped. Neal Urban Collections delivered the wall art to their home and helped to place over the fireplace. But first a quick photo of mom and the location where the image was taken! It's bigger than her!

Not only did Neal Urban Photography creative this beautiful piece of art for this families home, but also a custom photo box that would store more prints for their session. To be displayed on a bookshelf, coffee table, or even pop into frames and make a photo wall!

Location: Los Angeles CA.