Holiday Family Photo

Holiday Family Photo

This family was so much fun to photograph at Neal Urban Studio. Formal was the style for the session. Neal Urban Photography loved the idea of black, white, and hints of red. Sort of holiday, but could still be a portrait displayed in their home year round.

Props to mom and finding the outfits Danielle Urban was hoping for. Danielle sent over an image style idea and let mom run with it! Black dresses for the girls. Love the hint of the white stocking. Huge success on the white tuxedo for the little guy! They did such a great job with not smiling for this photo. We had a few time outs because Danielle Urban was laughing. She had to leave the room!

Neal Urban Photography was also super excited because they had 3 Dalmatians! Another reason for the color scheme for the kids outfits. The dogs jumped in for a few photos, but Neal Urban Portraits made sure to concentrate on the kids first!

Neal Urban Photography wants to create amazing images to display in a clients home. Then be able to pass down the art to their kids and so on. Neal Urban Portraits loves a show stopping print when guests walk into a clients home!

Location: Buffalo NY.