Head of the Household

Head of the Household

If you are new to Neal Urban Studio, meet our baby boy Maverick! He is the best golden retriever ever and a huge part of the Neal Urban brand. You have to admit, he photographs pretty well!

This was his four year old portrait. This was done at Neal Urban Portrait Studio. Neal Urban Photography took the same approach to photographing Maverick as we do for our client studio photos. We knew we wanted to use this vintage chair. This has been in the family for decades and Neal Urban Studio was able to make it a part of their home! Sorry clients, this chair does not really make appearances for other session!

Neal Urban Studio prepped the room with the backdrop, chair, and studio lights. Maverick is a little afraid of the lights, so we had to get him used to being in the studio with everything. Neal Urban always mentions we love when clients ask to bring their dogs for photos. We love dogs! It's so hard to stay focused, when all we want to do is play with the pups!

If you are thinking about photos of your pups, contact Neal Urban Studio!

Location: Buffalo NY.