The director of the family session

The director of the family session

When a family contacts Neal Urban Photography and says they want to do a Soprano style photo session, we get extremely excited! Let's talk details. The family wanted something serious, dark, and run down. They were hoping for one large wall print to hang in their home.

Location for this session was so out of the ordinary too. Neal Urban ended up using an area at the old Summit Park Mall parking lot. The clients threw out this idea and it was perfect. Simple brick buildings, and deserted. To make the family session even better, they brought their old Cadillac. How could you get more Soprano!

Neal Urban started with the group portrait of the entire family. That was most important and everything after that was bonus. It was extremely cold that day, so Neal Urban Photography had to work fast. Keeping most of the images darker and adding only a little light on the subject.

Neal Urban Studio ended up doing a 6 foot print for this families home! It was giant and needed to be assembled at their home. Neal Urban Portraits also designed a custom photo box with the additional portraits that were taken of the individual families/solos!

Location: Buffalo NY.