buffalo maternity photography at waterfront by the water pier with sail boat

buffalo maternity photography at waterfront by the water pier with sail boat

Love, love this image of Jenna on her maternity session. Their photo shoot started at Tift Nature Preserve in Buffalo. It was a great location to start the session. We got amazing images there. Then we headed to the Outer Harbor for sunset portraits.

Jenna looks stunning in this image. We loved her dress here! You can't even tell she was pregnant, she was so tiny. She looked so elegant too! Jenna and her husband got really dressed up for their session. They had a glamorous wedding at Our Lady of Victory Basilica in Lackawanna, then reception at the Statler in downtown Buffalo. It looked red carpet! So, it was only natural to keep with that theme for the maternity!

Look at that pose! She is pure model in this image! We put her pretty close to the edge on the pier to get this photo. We loved the wooden posts that created leading lines right to Jenna. Then if you look in the back ground, there was a sail boat going by. Great timing on the boat!

We had mommy to be put her hands on the baby bump and look off over her shoulder. Then she popped that front leg to bring extra curve to her body. Her husband Artie, could not believe how good she was looking in this pose.

The sun was setting and we were getting some amazing color in the sky. We would normally shoot a maternity session with a more airy and bright feel. For Jenna the darker and sexy look worked so much better. It was so great that the sky had those colors to slightly brighten the image. But not too much. We loved where this was going!

Location: Buffalo NY.