buffalo family photographers knox farm location sunset

buffalo family photographers knox farm location sunset

We love family portrait sessions! This session was done at Knox Farm State Park. We started off using the barns and wooden fences. They really liked that rustic feel. They had more casual outfits for that part too! Then the sun started to set and they changed into some dressier outfits!

We really like this road lined with trees. It worked well with the black and white outfits they had on. I love the little hints of the wooden fence down both sides of the road too! For this family session, they wanted simple but fun posing. The kids wanted "cool posing." We thought this was a great time to have them do this. The little boy was too cute! He wanted to pose with his arms crossed. We said to go for it! Hands on the hips for the ladies to top it off!

We brought in lighting to help with the shadows on their faces. But, we did like the way we were getting shadows on the road of them standing, so that is why you see a little shadow on the the father and son's faces. It was a little dramatic, but not too much.

Knox Farm State Park is a great location for family portraits. There is so much to work with there. If our families are up for the walk, we can go into all different areas and create so many looks for them.

Location: East Aurora NY.