best buffalo maternity photographer black dress with hat

best buffalo maternity photographer black dress with hat

Who says that a maternity session can't be like a fashion photo session! We love doing this style in Neal Urban Studio.

Sondra wanted a light and airy session, but also wanted to bring her style to the table. Sondra was so tiny the black dress here is not even a maternity dress. It was a summer dress she had that clung to her body to show off her belly perfectly.

We love accessories too! The fedora was great for this part of the shoot. The slit on her dress even worked great! We hung white drapery in the back and that was it for the scene. We really wanted Sondra to stand out as well. She is glancing down toward her belly with a subtle smile. We really needed her to arch her back to pop that belly out too.

This was done with all natural light at well. The giant windows in our Studio allow us to do this kind of style. We didn't always have windows. Our first Studio in the TriMain Center in Buffalo (we have been in multiple studios in the same building) did not have windows. We were very limited to the shoots we could do inside. Now, we can do pretty much anything, even fashion magazine style maternity portraits!

Location: Buffalo NY.