best buffalo family photographers knox farm field wny

best buffalo family photographers knox farm field wny

The Katz family wanted to have their family portrait session done at Knox Farm State Park in East Aurora. They contacted us and told us the style they were looking for. We were able to give them a few different locations and they chose Knox. Great choice!

For this portrait session, they had two outfits. They had a little more casual to begin the photos. They also brought their two pugs for that part. Then as the sun was beginning to set, they changed into dressier outfits. They looked amazing!

Neal wanted to go out in one of the open fields with gently rolling hills. At this part of the park it is so wide open and we can get some really pretty skies in the back ground. There were a few rain drops and sprinkles during the shoot, but we could tell it was passing over. So, the clouds opened up and the sun started to peek through.

Neal Urban wanted to do a simple walking style pose here. He had mom leading the family and dad was the caboose! They did a really slow walk to show the movement in their bodies. Then they all looked up toward mom! It was perfect!

We did use some off camera lighting for this image. The back ground was still bright, but since the sun was setting, the front of the family was pretty dark. This was a great way to end the session!

Location: Buffalo NY.