niagara falls engagement cooking drinking wine party

niagara falls engagement cooking drinking wine party

This engagement session with Melissa and Joe was so much fun! We started the session at Devil's Hole trail in Niagara Falls. It was dangerous and rocky! It was really pretty. Then Melissa wanted to do something different for the second part. She wanted to cook with her fiance at the house! We loved the idea!

They were making pizzas. It was even better when we all sat down after the shoot to eat with them! We took photos of them cooking and interacting with each other. 

This image was really funny too! Neal asked the couple to stand back to back and look at the camera. He was adjusting his camera settings to make sure everything was perfect. Then Melissa picked up her wine for a sip! This was great! Joe looks so serious and Melissa is care free and drinking! 

We love to take photos somewhere that is special to the couple. We want them to be in their element as well. Melissa and Joe like to cook together all of the time. She said some of their best times are spent in the kitchen together. They say the kitchen is the heart and soul of the home! I wish we would have more couples do things like this for photos. Going to a location just because it's pretty may not be as meaningful as something like this!

Location: private residence Niagara Falls NY United States.