buffalo country wedding horses fox valley country club

buffalo country wedding horses fox valley country club

This bride had access to having her wedding photos done by Neal Urban at a friends house. They owned a small farm with horses and barns. Neal was so excited and hoped the horses would be out.

When the wedding party arrived Neal had everybody hang back at the limo for a few minutes to check out the area. He worked around some of the property with the wedding party then sent them to drink on the limo. He wanted only the bride and groom for some portraits.

This image was pretty funny because Neal really wanted the horse to be a part of it. At first the horse did not want to come anywhere near the fence. So, Neal had the bride pose fairly casual on the fence with her wedding bouquet. All of a sudden the horse started to approach the bride from behind. If you look closely, you can see the horse is zoned in on the flowers. He wanted a snack. 

As the horse approached, Neal had the bride look away. He wanted her to look like she had no idea the horse was coming. Nobody was expecting this horse to come closer and closer. Neal started taking the photos a lot faster because you could tell the bride was starting to get nervous. Neal said he was even nervous.

We love unpredictable moments. This image turned out to be beautiful. Nobody had any idea horses liked wedding bouquets! The blue sky was so vibrant and the bride looked stunning.

This was one of the last shots before the bride and groom joined their bridal party on the limo and headed to Fox Valley Country Club for the reception. I would say, this image was a good one to end on!

Location: 6161 Genesee St, Lancaster, NY 14086.