Sandals Antigua beach wedding photographers shipwreck

Sandals Antigua beach wedding photographers shipwreck

This is my favorite image from Jaclyn and Darryl;s destination wedding. This bride and groom came to Neal Urban Studio for photography to be done on their honeymoon in Antigua. They wanted us to document the first few days of their trip. Their actual wedding was taking place a few days before at the Lockport Locks in Lockport, NY. We put together a wedding package that would include the wedding at home, then multiple shoots in Antigua.

We were at the Sandals Grand Antigua Resort. It was amazing! We planned out some photo sessions for sunrise and sunsets. We did not want to take up too much time on their honeymoon. It ended up working out so well. We all had the best time. We did beach photos, basic resort photos, beach party photos. We did dinner style outfits too. So we took the bride and groom to a few locations on the resort right before their dinner. The we did wedding day style portraits. They brought the wedding dress and suit. Jaclyn had hair and makeup done at the spa and we did a first look on the grounds. We also did some getting ready images too. Back home in Lockport, we only did ceremony and reception coverage. So, we thought this would be fun to do in Antigua!

After shooting around the resort and beach, we wanted to venture off the beaten path a little. Another couple staying at the resort mentioned a boat that was washed up on the beach. It was down the beach and off resort. We had to go. We were expecting a tiny fishing boat, not a luxury style boat. It was awesome. 

To make this image more interesting, the locals were out working, collecting seaweed. Their children were playing in the ocean. We decided to have them in the back ground. The kids were so cute too. They were watching everything we did. The bride and groom were talking with the kids and telling them to stay in the photo. I think Darryl wanted to go in the water and play!

We had Darryl lift his wife up. Then she popped that leg up! You can see it was very easy for him. He held the pose for a few minutes too, while we adjust lighting. We used a light on the front of them. It was still bright outside, so we had a nice light sky in the back.

On the way back to the resort we came across an old red phone booth. It was just on the beach. We ended up putting the bride and groom in the booth. We could not believe the random things we saw and got to use for photos!

We sometimes have to bring the bare minimum while photographing destinations. We never know what customs is going to be like. We also need to make sure, almost everything is carried on the plane too. We can't have our cameras thrown around with the luggage.

Jaclyn and Darryl ended up with Neal and Danielle Urban designing two wedding albums. Also two wall art pieces. One consisted of the wedding ceremony in Lockport and the other their journey in Antigua!

Location: St John's St, St John's, Antigua and Barbuda.