buffalo maternity photography at woodlawn beach at sunset

buffalo maternity photography at woodlawn beach at sunset

We have shown a bunch of images of Lindsey and Cory's maternity session at Woodlawn Beach State Park. It was an amazing session and gorgeous night for photos. We had the best weather.

A storm was rolling in and we had the most beautiful cloud formations. It was just a matter of time before the rain would come. We had some breaks in the clouds and the sun started pouring through. The sun rays were awesome. We knew we had to work fast before we lost the sky. The colors in the sky were beautiful. There were blues, grays, yellows, and oranges all blended together.

Lindsey and Cory were such troopers too. They understood our vision and wanted as much as we could give them. Lindsey was changing outfits right on the beach. She wasted no time. The waves were crashing and Lindsey's dress was blowing in the wind. We had to bring in dad! Prom style pose works great for maternity portraits. Both hands on the belly at all times. Then we had both parents look down to the bump. We had Lindsey pop that front leg. It helped to show off the baby bump and put a nice curve in her body. This is a little trick that works on ladies and makes for a gorgeous photo. We loved the barefoot on the beach look for this image!

Sure enough, we all got to our cars at the end of the session just in time. It started to storm!

Location: 3580 Lakeshore Dr. Blasdell, NY 14219 United States .