buffalo maternity photography lifestyle bright and airy

buffalo maternity photography lifestyle bright and airy

Lindsey and Cory had a beautiful maternity session. It was done at Woodlawn Beach State Park. 

This cool little nook is located in the front of the main building! It's always a place that can be overlooked. But, we love to start photo sessions there.

After moving a few tables, we were left with a beautiful canvas. Lindsey started in a super flowy dress! Perfect for a beach and outdoor style maternity session. We even loved the flower head band she had made. It went perfect with the location.

This was one of the first shots of the session. Lindsey was still a little nervous. She had no idea what to expect. You can see she has a very serious face here. We actually loved her expression here. She gave a model style look! It felt like a magazine ad for the dress she was wearing! 

This area was a giant pergola. It had ivy and vines hanging everywhere. So pretty for maternity portraits.  Then it was lined in the back with bright colored flowers. They definitely added a nice touch to the image.

For maternity sessions, hands always need to be on the baby bump. Lindsey had a tiny belly too. So we had to have her really arch her back and stick out the belly. She did a great job. 

From here, we all walked down to the beach for sunset portraits. We got an amazing sunset. Lindsey changed into a black dress and paired it with a fun summer hat! We loved the accessories!

Location: 3580 Lakeshore Rd. Blasbell, NY 14219 United States.