buffalo christmas photography special neal urban studio

buffalo christmas photography special neal urban studio

We just love this family. We have captured so many memories for Jenna and Artie. From engagement, wedding, maternity, and newborn portraits. Now our annual Christmas session!

We host a giant christmas session every in November called Photos for Toys. We give a discount on the photo session with a donation of a new and unwrapped toy. All the donations go to the Cradle Beach Organization in Derby, NY! This has become a huge event as well! 

Jenna and Artie had welcomed their baby boy a few months before and wanted to come in for their first family christmas photo session. We had two different sets up for that year. One was a red room with old fireplace and vintage portrait of Santa on the wall. It was a living room style scene. Then we did a simple neutral set. We found a bunch of star shaped ornaments we could hang from the ceiling. Then we had a handful of antique furniture. Courtesy of one of our other bride's and friends! 

Jenna and Artie chose this set for their family! We knew before they came into Neal Urban Studio, they would pick this one. This fits Jenna's style! She loves to get all dressed up! Look at the baby boy! He had his dress pants on and suspenders! 

We loved this for them! Every year we come up with a new idea for the christmas sessions. Each year we have had to add extra days because so many new families have wanted to book! It is a huge success and we hope to continue that every year!

Location: 2495 Main St Buffalo NY 14214 United States.