buffalo baby photography with mommy and daddy pose with son

buffalo baby photography with mommy and daddy pose with son

Family newborn portraits are so memorable, especially when we have photographed so many different things previously. We have been through such a photographic journey with Natalie and Joe.

We did engagement portraits, a boudoir session with Natalie, wedding, maternity, christmas sessions, and now newborn.

We always like to start a newborn session with family portraits. Not only are these a must, but this is also a way to help start to get the baby to sleep. There are times when the parents are not up for being in the photos. We always try to get them in at least one, so they have no regrets when they leave the studio.

Joe's expression in this photo is great. Look at his smile. There is such a genuine happiness when he looks down at his son. This was the first baby for Natalie and Joe. 

We had dad hold the baby and mom go in and help support. We always like to have the parents have physical contact with the newborn. The baby seems so peaceful. He really was too. He had no issues sleeping through his entire portrait session.

Joe plays hockey and brought in some of his uniform and gear. The baby was so good, we were able to put him on a goalie pad! He was sleeping right on it. 

This was such a great newborn session. We went on a year later to do the first birthday cake smash session and portraits. Those are even more fun!

Location: 2495 Main St Buffalo NY 14214 United States.