Lights, Camera, Action

Lights, Camera, Action

This 40 over 40 was amazing! Neal Urban Wedding had photographed this beautiful woman's wedding a few years back. She is a wife and mother and was a full time educator. She was ready for a change and became a fashion influence. She is My Balanced Style! For her photo session with Neal Urban Photography, she wanted to have something special for herself. Always putting her family and others first, it was time to shine.

Neal Urban Studio wanted to really show her style and how she wanted to market her new venture. She wanted on the go moms to relate to everyday. And she wanted to show that through her style and fashion.

Danielle Urban had so much fun planning outfits for the session. Business during the day, turning into a dinner or drinks out! Without having to go home and change! Neal Urban experimented with a lot of different lighting techniques. Posing was no problem for her either.

Neal Urban Collections was so excited to create a custom album and prints. She was going to display them in her new studio, where she conducts all her business and try on sessions!

After this photo shoot, Neal Urban Photography did a collaboration with My Balanced Style for a jewelry line she was launching. She needed branding and marketing photos for her line. It was so much fun and the jewelry is gorgeous!

Location: Buffalo NY.