Hats Off to You!

Hats Off to You!

40 Over 40 Campaign fun with this amazing lady at Neal Urban Photography. This woman is not stranger to being in front of the camera. She loves to do photo shoots. She has a lot of photographer friends. She is always up to shoot if someone has a project! Now it was finally time for her to do a session with Neal Urban Studio. She was going to love it!

Danielle Urban had so much fun with her outfits as well. She has a closet, very similar to Danielle, that pretty much has everything. So, let's do a little of everything for her session. Formal, high fashion, denim and casual, summer style dresses, and business casual. Let's throw in some hats too!

Posing was definitely not an issue for her either. She knew how to work the camera! Neal Urban Photography could get very creative with her as well. There was a lot of playing with shadows and lighting. This image was so fun and looked great being turned to black and white. Love her little smirk!

Neal Urban Collection had the best time designing her custom album. So many fun images, that told such an amazing story of confidence and strength for this chick!

Location: Buffalo NY.