Floral Maternity Photo

Floral Maternity Photo

Maternity sessions at Neal Urban Photography do not always need to be a flowing, wavy dress. They are gorgeous, but sometimes is nice to change it up. This mommy to be did just that for her maternity portraits at Neal Urban Studio. The photos were taken at Neal Urban Studio in Buffalo NY.

There were a lot of casual and sporty outfits. Yoga wear, sport tanks, sport shorts, high socks, white sneakers, yoga jumpsuits, and last much not least, body suits; like in the image you see here.

Let's be real..Maternity sessions are all about the baby bump. However, Neal Urban Photography, also wants it to be about the moms, dads, and anyone else involved! Especially when it is a first time expecting parent or family.

Love her smile and playfulness with her hair. Neal Urban Photography put the addition of the floral back drop for a hint of fun and color. The flower colors were perfect with her outfit!

Neal Urban Collection designed beautiful matted prints for this glowing mama to be. She did amazing! Neal Urban Photography can't wait to photograph their growing family again!

Location: Buffalo NY.