niagara frontier family portrait photography golf course

niagara frontier family portrait photography golf course

This family portrait was done at Frontier Golf Club in Youngstown, NY! Neal is actually a member there. He loves to golf when he has free time!

This family also belonged to the club and asked Neal if he could do some family portraits for them. Since Neal knows the course inside and out, he suggested doing them on the course. The family loved the idea. They mentioned they were going to be there the following week for dinner and would that work out with the schedule.

It worked out great! He told them for best lighting he wanted to do the photos right around sunset and he knew exactly which golf holes he wanted to go to. I think he even played a round after the session was finished!

Neal also has a passion for golf course photography. He had already photographed the course for the club. He knew this particular hole would be beautiful for photos. The sun lit up the tall grass and turned it a golden color! You can see by the families outfits, this was at the beginning of fall and the weather was started to cool down. They looked great!

They also decided to bring their dog for the portraits as well! We love dogs for photos! The dog was so good too! I am sure they bribed him with treats! That always works!

Location: 1058 Lake Rd, Youngstown, NY 14174.