Newborn Family Session at Neal Urban Studio

Newborn Family Session at Neal Urban Studio

Look at how sweet this image is of these two siblings! We did this newborn session at Neal Urban Studio. We started with some family portraits, then solos of the baby. The little girl was so curious at the Studio and wanted to check everything out. We really wanted to get one photo of the two of them together. So, we let her do her thing until she was ready for her photos!

She loved this chair! The theme was all about traveling. We had maps, globes, books, and flight gear. This chair had maps and a compass on it. Mom said their daughter loved sitting in the chair. We put her in it first and got some really happy smiles of her. Then we asked if she wanted to hold her baby brother. Now she is a big sister and needs to protect him! She was so excited! We placed him right on her lap and there was an instant smile! You can see a little smirk on the baby too! They both look so cute together and their outfits match so well!

When working with small children, we always need to be patient! They need to warm up to us and the surroundings first. We do not like to force them to sit or smile for the camera. We have to try and let the moments happen and be ready with the camera. Sometimes the kids are great and will sit there. We have learned the more they are forced to do something, the more meltdowns we get. We have worked with this family before, so we knew some tricks to get smiles! We did Christmas and first birthday photos previously! We learned music they liked and built a great relationship.

We did the maternity session at Delaware Park just a few months before as well! We have so much fun photographing this family and always look forward to creating beautiful images for them!

Location: Neal Urban Studio Buffalo NY.