buffalo baby newborn photography studio mother and father

buffalo baby newborn photography studio mother and father

Newborn sessions are not just about the baby. They are also about mom and dad welcoming this new life into the world and family.

We always like to start our newborn sessions at Neal Urban Studio with family portraits. We do them with a solid and simple back drop. We will take photos with both parents, then the baby with each parent. We will do a few different poses. 

When we discuss the session, most of the parents say they do not want to be in the photos. The shoot is normally scheduled within nine days of the birth, so we understand they are tired and mom is not feeling herself yet. But we never want the parents to regret not getting in a photo. Even if it's for one group shot. You do not have to be done up in full hair and makeup either. We know you probably didn't have time. When I put it that way, the parents understand and jump in!

In this image we have new parents Nick and Lauren Salvatore with baby Henry. Nick is the son of the owner of Salvatore's Italian Gardens in Depew, NY. So baby Henry is going to have some big shoes to fill when it's his turn to take over! 

For the newborn family portraits, we always like both parents to be close to the baby. You see Lauren is holding Henry, but Nick's also helping to support the baby. Lauren is looking down toward Henry and Nick is giving that gentle kiss his new son. Everyone is connected!

Then we move onto photos of just the baby. For Henry we did a golf themed set and also a wine themed set! He was such a good sleeper we were able to do both!

Location: 2495 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14214.