best buffalo newborn photographers vintage style twins

best buffalo newborn photographers vintage style twins

It is always such a challenge to photograph newborns. When this family contacted us and said they had twins, we knew we had our work cut out for us. Mom sent over the outfits she had for the girls. We had done her maternity photos a few months before. She sent over an image of the dress she wanted to wear and we went very vintage for it. We used this chair for portraits.

We thought we would use it again for the newborn session! It would tie in all the photoshoots! We have an assistant that works with us for newborns as well. We like having an extra set of hands and she is really great with babies. 

We were shocked when these twin girls did not wake up once. They slept the entire time. We could not believe it. We did so many different types of photos with them. This was one of our favorites. We had one sister lay on the other! We thought we would have to do this image in sections and merge the photos together. We did not! This all happened in one take! The girls did not stir. 

To finish off the edit, Neal added a vintage overlay on the image. He did this same thing to mom's maternity session as well! 

Location: 2495 Main St Buffalo, NY 14214.