Cousins Formal Photos

Cousins Formal Photos

This was such a fun group family portrait at Neal Urban Photography. This is a cousin photo! This was a gift to the mom's for Mother's Day. The children coordinated with each other, as they are a very close family. Then contacted Neal Urban Studio to see our thoughts. What a great gift for the mom's. There was a point person who helped coordinate date, time, and outfits with Neal Urban Portraits.

Everyone knew what was expected and they knocked it out of the park. It was such a great time having them all at the studio. Neal Urban Photography had the music pumping and super hight energy from all.

The end result was to have all of the cousins together, then any siblings together. Each family was giving their mom a group photo, as well as their sibling photo. The family session was shot and styled like a Vogue magazine session, or GQ. There were both serious and smiles for photos. Then the family chose their favorites.

Neal Urban Collection designed a beautiful custom photo box for this family. The point person, passed out the individual matted photos to each cousin. Then when they all got together for mother's day, the gifted to their moms. Neal Urban Photography, loved that we could do this for this family!

Location: Western NY.