Cadillac Model

Cadillac Model

This family had such a fun idea for a portrait session. They emailed over an image from the TV show the Sopranos and wanted a similar vibe. They definitely came to the right place at Neal Urban Studio for this style of session. Dark, dramatic, and serious is right up Neal Urban Studio's alley. Not to mention the addition of an old Cadillac and some fun outfits.

Location was really fun as well. The family had this idea to go to the old Summit Park Mall as a back drop. Well, deserted and rundown is exactly what they got. It was also perfect because there was nobody around and we were able to maneuver the Cadillac wherever needed. Temperatures were extremely cold and below 0. Neal Urban had to move quick. Keeping clients warm and moving is super important.

Main goal for this session was a huge group family print. Neal Urban Photography started out with the large group. Once that was nailed, we did solos of everyone and smaller groups. Pose/dress/tattoo was perfect for this chick. Don't mess with her! This image is a little brighter than some of the others. Neal Urban Studio still wanted her to have that sexy feminine vibe and to highlight more details.

The group family image came out amazing! The family did measurements in their home on the wall where they wanted this image to go. Turned out to be a 6 foot long print! Neal Urban Portraits delivered the print, along with a custom photo box of additional images to hang. Furniture had to be moved to accommodate this massive print that needed to have the mounting system attached. It looks amazing in their home!

Location: Buffalo NY.