buffalo wedding photography in the rain bad weather waterfront

buffalo wedding photography in the rain bad weather waterfront

Stormy and treacherous skies can make for some of the most amazing wedding images. Neal Urban loves when the weather is like this. The bride and groom sometimes get nervous, but that's why they hire Neal Urban Studio. They know we can come up with some artistic and award winning images!

Anna and Mark got such a crazy looking sky at the Erie Basin Marina for their wedding photos. The bride wore a ballgown style wedding dress. It worked so good for this image. You can see in this photo, we had her hold it out to both sides. The wind was picking it up and blowing it around even more. The detail looked so good. Then we had the groom bring his arms around his lovely wife and pull her in nice and close. We had Anna and Mark walk right up to the edge of this stone overlook. We wanted it to look like they were in the middle of nowhere.

You can see the rain bands far off in the distance. And they were heading our way. Neal really wanted a dark and super dramatic feel for this image. He did some post editing to make it a little darker, mostly in the water.

After taking this image, we knew the bride and groom were going to love this! It was a dreamy and dark fairy tale!

Location: 329 Erie St. Buffalo, NY 14202 United States.