buffalo engagement in the fall at knox farm vintage

buffalo engagement in the fall at knox farm vintage

We love fall engagement sessions. That is probably the most requested time of year for these photos. We start to book up for fall session all the way back in May or June.

Gus and Balon were lucky to snag one of those dates for photos. They had their engagement photos done at Knox Farm. Their wedding took place at Holiday Valley Resort in Ellicottville, NY.

The colors are amazing in this image. There are so many different shades of red, green, yellow, and orange. We were taking a walk through the park to use different areas for photos, when we notice the sun lighting up this whole area.

Gus and Balon had the perfect fall outfits for this shoot. They look so good in this image. Love those cowboy boots on Balon! It was such a bright day out. We found a shady spot for them to stand in the road, then had all that gorgeous sunlight pour in behind them. The trees were glowing! We had them stand off to the right of the road a little as well. Another photography trick. (on the third). Having couples in the center of a photo doesn't always work, at least not for this particular image.

We told Gus to pick up Balon. Once she was off the ground we told her to kick up that leg. It was such a cute pose for this location.

One of my favorite parts of this image is the wooden fence in the back ground. It's all those little details that help make photos more exciting!

Location: 437 Buffalo Rd. East Aurora NY 14052 United States.