Brother and Sister timeless Photo

Brother and Sister timeless Photo

Such a timeless image done by Neal Urban Photography. Innocence and beauty! Neal Urban Studio was so excited for this little girls (and brother) session, especially when mom sent over the dress she had. Pink, lace, tulle! Couldn't get much better. But it sure did once the family walked into Neal Urban Studio. She had the most beautiful red hair and eyes. Her eyes has hints of green, blue, brown. So amazing!

Neal Urban Photography created this style image using studio lighting and off camera lighting. A painted backdrop was used to created some texture. The color dress worked out so well with the backdrop too!

Neal Urban did simple posing for this little girl. We used a few stools and chairs for props. Neal Urban Photography really wanted the focus to be on her. Nothing additional in the scene. What's the saying "Less is More"!

The pose/image of this little girl's solo is also on Neal Urban Photograph website. We loved how she looked, so Neal Urban decided to add in one very important thing. Her brother! Let's talk about him for a minute. Mom did amazing with his outfit as well. He looked so good in his suit and tie. You can definitely tell they are siblings. The kids got a long very well and had such a great time. You might not think that from this photo. But there were tons of laughing photos too! This was the timeless, classic style!

Location: Buffalo NY.